Tranquil T2-WHS-A2 Finale Version

Hier noch schnell die letzten Bilder vom Tranquil Home Server und natürlich auch die Hardware Spezifikationen:

t2_foot_picture t2-whs-htsink_a_1000 t2_floor_mount t2-whs-iso_a_1000

Dimensions: 387mm (w) x 356 (d) x 66 (h)
Materials: Steel, Aluminium and Polycarbonate – over 70% recycled materials
Colour: Satin Black (NB. the images above are of a generic chassis in silver)
Front Panel: Power & HDD Activity LEDs
Rear Panel: 12v Power in, 6 x USB, Ethernet
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
USB: 6 x USB 2.0 External ports
RAM: 512Mb (1Gb optional)
Weight: 7Kg
PCI Expansion: 2 x Free PCI slots or populated with eSATA 4 port cards
Hard Disks: support for 2x Hard Drives
Storage: 500Gb (1Tb/2Tb optional)
Power Consumption: 24w
Mounting Options: Desk, Rack Mount, Wall Mount, Floor Mount

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