Interview with Fujitsu Siemens Product Manager Desktop EMEA

Our Friend Terry from asked me if it is possible to translate our interview with Fujitsu Siemens Product Manager Desktop EMEA, Mr. Detlef Beister to the english language. There you go Terry. (And remeber: We are not native speakers!) 😉

The german Home Server Blog Team proudly presents an interview with Fujitsu Siemens Product Manager Desktop EMEA, Mr. Detlef Beister. We had a good chat and we hope, that the answers will be of interest for you. For example Fujitsu Siemens will release an add-in called Power Management with their new Scaleo Home Server which helps them to be very energy efficient.

HSB: For whom is the Scaleo home server determined?

DB: The SCALEO home server is for families that own more than one or two computers. With the SCALEO home server you are able to store your data very energy efficient and it’s possible to stream this data (photos, videos or music) to any other computer in your home network or the internet. The home server is also interesting for small businesses due to the energy saving technologie and the possibility to connect, backup and restore up to 10 computers.

HSB: How does the SCALEO Home Server fits into the digital home environment?

DB: The SCALEO Home Server fits perfectly to all other Fujitsu Siemens components. For example it is possible to stream your videos, stored on the SCALEO Home Server to your ACTIVY mediaplayer in the bedroom without any technical know how. Or you can upload your holiday photos via your AMILO laptop and the build in WLAN adapter to your Home Server directly from the beach.

HSB: How can I manage my client computers with the SCALEO Home Server?

DB: Again without any know how through the easy to use graphical user interface! As a father you can directly see if the antivirus check on your childs computer fails.

HSB: What’s about the SCALEO Power Management?

DB: The SCALEO Power Management is a Windows Home Server add-in which differentiates us from our competition. You can use it like Microsoft Outlook, just simply add appointments to your calendar. At this appointments you can choose if your Home Server should do a backup und just go to hibernate mode to save energy. The server only starts up if you need it. So you can save money because the server isn’t running 24 hours, 7 days a week.

HSB: Which add-ins are installed on the SCALEO Home Server?

DB: Additionally to the already named SCALEO Power Management we deliver a TwonkyMedia add-In. TwonkyMedia is a multimedia-streaming-software which enables the SCALEO Home Server to act as multimedia-server with UPnP functionallity. It supports internet radio, UPnP compatible receivers like ACTIVIY Media Player, ACTIVIY Media Server or Notebooks. With this solution you can stream your photos or videos to you TV.

HSB: Is it possible to expand the server storage?

DB: The server comes in it’s standard configuration with two 500GB hard disks. This enormous capacity can be expanded to four internal hard disk drives. You can add the new drives without any tool, very easy. Additionally you can use the 2 eSATA and 4 USB ports to add external hard disk drives.

HSB: The form factor of the SCALEO Home Server is different from the competition. Why did you choose that?

DB: The advantage here is, that you can use the SCALEO Home Server vertically and horizontally so you can store it in the living room, the study or elsewhere. Another benefit is our case-layout, where the hard disks are ordered horizontally, not vertically like a lot of other vendors do. With that trick we have a better airflow. The system is cool and the fan musn’t work the whole time. Additionally the hard drives are fixed with special vibration dampers to have a very quiet Home Server. A lot of customers gave us that feedback when thy joined our internal tradeshow VisIT in October 2007. They couldn’t believe that the server was running the whole time because it was so quiet.

We like to say thank you to Fujitsu Siemens, especially to Mr. Detlef Beister and Mr. Daniel Klaus and we hope that we get more ineteresting information about the SCALEO Home Server soon.

We hope, that we could give you a quick overview about the new SCALEO Home Server which is coming in February 2008. If you like, just visit us in a few days, when we will show you more photos of the SCALEO Home Server.


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