Add-In Update: Drive Bender

Ein neues Update für den Drive Extender Ersatz Drive Bender ist verfügbar. Die neue Version enthält eine Menge Verbesserungen, die wir Euch in Form der Release Notes der Entwickler in diesem Artikel zur Verfügung stellen.

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Hier die Release Notes des Entwicklers:


    • Update: Changes to the way DB reports a pools total space. Mount points are now reloaded when the pools total space changes (changing this without remounting the mount points could cause Windows to dismount the mount point without warning).
    • Update: Unexpected dismounts of a mount point are now captured, and If possible the mount will be automatically restored.
    • Update: Much improved read / write performance when there is heavy I/O.
    • Bug fix: Video streaming (with Smooth Stream disabled) no longer stutters if there is are write operations being performed.
    • Update: Client logging information improved.
    • Bug fix: Drive removal now works correctly.
    • Bug fix: Internal file copies can now write to read only folders.
    • Bug fix: Creating a new pool and adding drives could leave the mount in a read only state, this is no longer the case.
    • Bug fix: Removing a drive could fail on some files because the destination location was the drive being removed.
    • Bug fix: Read / write rates are now correctly reported.
    Der Download steht für alle Beta Teilnehmer bereit.