Add-In Update: StableBit DrivePool Build 2939

Neben Drive Bender scheint es doch noch andere Drive Extender Ersatz Add-Ins zu geben, die auf eine neue Version aktualisieren. Heute ist StableBit mit von der Partie. Die neue Version beinhaltet eine Menge Fehlerfixe und einige neue Funktionen.

Hier die Release Notes:

    • Many other fixes.]
    • OS X compatibility (and other samba based devices / software).
    • Added visualizations for folder / disk sizes and file balance ratio.
    • Added file balance resolutions.
    • Added file balance ratio computation and reason for unbalance.
    • Added folder size calculation and real-time tracking.
    • Added folder migration.
        Pool -> Disk
        Disk -> Pool
        Disk –> Disk
    • Added folder duplication level switch task.
    • Standardized internal task management model for service tasks and client tasks.
    • Now using the built in remove folder wizard instead of the custom one.
    • DrivePool folders will now be visible to the WHS storage service.
        Media streaming sees DrivePool folders.
        Remote web access sees DrivePool folders.
        DrivePool folders now show up under the standard Server and Folders tab (total size is incorrect).
    • Add folder / folder properties now uses NTFS-like security not share level security.
    • Do not consider Access Denied / File Locked / etc.. An I/O error.
    • When there is a pool part missing on a volume, and that volume is attached to the system
      (i.e. The ServerPoolPart folder was deleted), then the missing pool part would be incorrectly displayed twice.



Link: StableBit