Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3874

Auch bei StableBit hat man wieder eine neue Version des Drive Extender Ersatzes DrivePool veröffentlicht. Dabei handelt es sich um die Version, die einige Änderungen bringt. Alle Änderungen hier stammen aus dem Changelog.

    • Correct NTFS permissions on the ServerPoolPart folder and the . (volume root) folder, if they’re broken.
    • Server backup disks cannot be part of the pool.
    • When moving folders, if a folder cannot be moved because of an access denied error (NTFS permissions don’t allow it), then reset the NTFS permissions instead of aborting.
    • When pool was being balanced, tooltip said "Balanced".
    • Fixed handle leak for security tokens.
    • Added new DrivePool performance features (see new DrivePool Settings dialog for more info):
          * [D] Direct I/O
          * [D] Fast I/O
          * [D] Read striping
          * [D] Fast directory listing (not enabled yet)
          * [D] Fast I/O write
          * Parallel execution limit


Link: StableBit


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  1. hhmm a bit old 3874 is it not? DrivePool BETA M3 3929 is the newest!