Add-In Update: StableBit DrivePool Beta M4 Build 5635

Das Add-In StableBit wurde gerade wieder auf eine neue Version aktualisiert Dem Change Log kann man entnehmen, dass die Entwickler einiges getan haben. Hier der Einblick in die Änderungen.

* [D] Better support for empty pool. Treat as a disk that has 0 bytes free.

* Fixed Dashboard crash on missing disk.

* Added BitLocker support for pool parts (disabled by default – see .config).

* Fixed null reference when removing drives from an unmounted pool.

* Fixed pool condition UI bar getting stuck at 0.

* Fixed deadlock when 2 background services were attempting to start at the exact same time. Did not stall I/O.

* When removing a drive, show it as such, instead of missing disk.

* When removing a drive, report duplication warnings.

* Do not automatically duplicate when encountering an incomplete file if there are duplication warnings that need resolutions. Give the user a chance to view the warnings and resolve the issue. This does not affect nightly duplication runs (when there are unduplicated files present). This does not affect instant duplication runs when moving a file from a duplicated folder to a non-duplicated folder and vice versa. This does not affect duplication runs when adding a non-empty pooled disk, et al.

* Do not list system reserved volume in Pool tab.

* Volume name is now respected by DrivePool tabs.

* [D] Pool drive can now have a volume name.

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