Add-In: TV Manager 1.5

Wie MSWHS heute berichtet gibt es auch beim TV Manager Add-In ein Update, bzw. erst einmal eine Preview Version, die zeigen soll, was sich seit der Version 1.0.1 aus dem September 2008 so alles getan hat. Die Liste der Änderungen/Neuerungen übertrifft alles was man bisher gesehen hat. Nun ja, es gab ja auch schon lange kein Update mehr.

Mit dem TV Manager Add-In kann man Aufnahmen von einem Media Center auf den Windows Home Server übertragen. Zusätzlich kann man sich auch auf nicht Media-Center PC’s die Aufnahmen über ein Web-Interface anschauen. Aber nun zu den Änderungen:

    • Fixed deleting recordings via web interface or deleting shows from Media Center and then viewing the web interface – would mess up Shows.xml
    • Fixed share not being created after install – causing service to crash and install to appear to fail
    • Fixed not showing all options on client. Still requires being configured with full Administrative privileges (changing settings).
    • Fixed bug in web interface causing an error message to show instead of the page content.
    • Fixed Compatibility with WTV.
    • Fixed some glitches with the Email Notifications options in the settings tab.
    • Added a new interface for clients.
    • Added show thumbnails to the web interface.
    • Added sorting to the web interface.
    • Added an about dialog to the client.
    • Add the „All“ item in the web interface to show all the saved recordings.
    • Added moving recordings at midnight under client settings.
    • Added a client service, recordings will be moved even if a user is not logged in.
    • Added right click menu to the new client interface (Contains options Play and Delete)
    • Added a Series catalog feature that lets you print a catalog of all your recordings.
    • Added Windows 7 features (jumplists, progress bars, pin-able taskbar item).
    • Added WTV converter for Comskip, allowing commercials to be removed from WTV recordings (Windows 7 Only)
    • Added an option to move recordings at a specified time (assuming the client is turned on).
    • Added an SDK so users can write plug-ins for TV Manager (read the documentation for more information).
    • Re-Added Original Air Date.
    • Re-Added ComSkip option — May cause problems.
    • Re-Added the Home Server Console tab – The play option might not work yet.
    • Removed accidental time zone from Original Air Date column in Web Interface.
    • German and French translations implemented into web UI and client.
    • Easily deploy client via the web interface or the Home Server Console tab. It auto-detects the language/version of the installer to use.
    • The client application can now detect your remote access domain (via it’s SSL certificate) and will load that to prevent SSL error messages.
    • The client now requires .NET 3.5 to run.
    • The home server add-in now requires Power Pack 2 to function.
    • The client and server can detect your “Recorded TV” share’s name (for non-English versions).

Wie Ihr seht eine ganze Menge! Hier noch der Link zur kompletten Dokumentation. Wir hatten bereits früher schon über vergangende Versionen Berichtet. Wer darauf zugreifen möchte, kann ganz einfach unsere Suchfunktion verwenden.