Add-In: Squeezebox Server für Windows Home Server 7.4.2

Hier ein Artikel für alle Logitech Squeezebox und Windows Home Server Besitzer! Es gibt eine neue Version, die einige Neuigkeiten und Fehlerbehebungen mit sich bringt.

Squeezebox Server:

Improved alarm reliability.
Various scanner-related tag reading fixes.
Fixed audio glitches at the end of WAV/AIFF files.
Fixed gapless playback when playing PCM on Squeezebox 1.


Improved alarm reliability
Improved network connectivity with Improves alarm reliability when connected only to
Maintains battery charge

Software Versionen:

Squeezebox Server: 30215
Radio: 8423
No change to software for Controller, Squeezebox 2 / 3, Transporter, Receiver and Boom


Fixed UPnP compatibility with Simplify Media server.
Fixed FLAC seeking on files that contain ID3v2 tags.
Fixed sample rate detection for MPEG-4 files.
Changed Tag Version info to display all versions of ID3 tags contained within a file.
Added missing Monkey’s Audio (APE) decoder binaries for i386 FreeBSD, i386/ARM/PPC Linux.
#10449 – SqueezePlay, wrong track played when playing an artist’s compilation albums
#13955 – Remote ASX playlist containing MP3 stream fails
#14110 – Fixed scanning of iTunNORM Sound Check value in MP3 files when there is only one comment
#14321 – Applet Installer shows duplicate entries
#14328 – Need useful error messages when artwork fails
#14496 – Player display goes blank after upgrading to 7.4
#14824 – Reciva Internet Radios claim to support Icy-MetaData, but then glitch on metadata packets (Simon Hyde)
#14861 – SBS preventing HDD shutdown
#14883 – Audio pops at the end of WAV/AIFF files
#14905 – Not compatible with Ubuntu 9.10 due to MySQL 5.1
#14913 – Scanner calculates incorrect bitrate on Windows
#14931 – Can’t save preset 0 on SB3
#14933 – Scanner only includes one comment per song
#14946 – Strip trailing nulls from the end of WAV LIST INFO tags
#15001 – Save playlist plugin locks SQB classic UI
#15014 – Scanner should prefer Vorbis tags over ID3v2 tags for FLAC files
#15105 – Scanner intolerant of bad FILE value in embedded cue sheets (Gordon Harris)
#15190 – File Types page shows active option for WMA Lossless/Pro
#15196 – Multiple genre tags in ID3v2 not read properly
#15197 – Wrong bitrate/duration calculated for MPEG-2 Layer 3 files
#15262 – Unable to scan some MP4 files encoded by Nero
#15380 – Return the proper content-type when streaming files (agillis)
#15483 – Scanner fails when ReplayGain tag are invalid
#15490 – Gapless playback broken for PCM on SB1
#15491 – Try harder to read radio playlists that return text or HTML content-types
#15630 – Invalid characters in comment tags can break the scanner
#15707 – Lyrics tag in WMA files not scanned


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