Update für den TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.5

Auch bei TwonkyMedia gibt es ein neues Update. Der Server ist nun in der Version 5.1.5 verfügbar. Es gab neben neuen Funktionen auch eine ganze Reihe an Fehlerfixen.


    * Add autodetection support for WMP11 when it is in player only mode
    * No longer starting ssdp server on local interface by default (Linux,Mac OS)
    * Added new client adaptation for Philips TVs
    * Improved interoperability to Samsung TV when streaming NTSC MPEG or MKV files


    * fixed: iTunes playlist import broken on Linux builds
    * fixed: Wrong "dc:date" values when the timezone offset from UTC is negative
    * fixed: That large files (> 2GB) not supported on Linux platforms
    * fixed: Twonky prevents HDD from going into standby/sleep on NAS
    * fixed: AAC scanner crashes on 64 bit Linux build
    * fixed: Windows installer fails to install upgrade if "Removable Media Support" is enabled
    * fixed: UCS/Latin1-based fonts starting from 0x00A0 not displayed correctly from ID3 tags
    * fixed: Server restarts automatically when language is changed
    * fixed: Pause not working on Samsung TV for mkv files
    * fixed: TMS hangs on files with extended characters in name
    * fixed: TMS device description XML not compliant with WLK tests
    * fixed: TwonkyMedia server 5.1.4 crashes when scanning certain mp4 files
    * fixed: Navigation tree not properly updated when changing metadata
    * fixed: Minor improvements on MP4 scanner
    * fixed: Some OGG audio files have 00:00 Time length

Wie immer gibt es den Download direkt bei TwonkyMedia.