Add-In Update: Drive Bender Beta 4 v1.1.5.5

Seit heute gibt es auch bei Drive Bender wieder eine Aktualisierung. Die neue Beta 4 v1.1.5.5 beinhaltet neben Verbesserungen im Umgang mit dem Add-In auch einige Fehlerbehebungen.


Release v1.1.5.5 – beta (2011-07-02)
– Update: Fault tolerant mode now fully supported.
– Update: Improved startup time when loading.
– Update: Drive removal improved and includes better user feedback.
– Update: Running tasks information is much more complete.
– Bug fix: Renaming a file to the same name no longer causes the file to be deleted.
– Bug fix: Errors returned to the OS are now correctly passed back.
– Bug fix: Fast file through put no longer causes an unhandled overflow exception.
– Update: Many other interface bug fixes and enhancements.
– Known issue: The WHS move folder feature throws an error.

Quelle: UWHS

Link: Download (nur für registrierte Anwender) | Drive Bender Webseite