Add-In: StableBit Scanner v2.5.0.2968 BETA

Der StableBit Scanner wurde letzte Woche in einer neuen BETA Version veröffentlicht. Wer Interesse hat kann die neue Version ab sofort testen. Die neue Beta Version enthält größtenteils Bugfixes, nicht wirklich viele neue Funktionen.

  • Added „Notification Templates“ directory under the service Program Files directory

  • Added an option to automatically propagate a site name to all copies of the StableBit Scanner running on the LAN, which don’t already have a site name specified.

  • Added an option to specify a site name for all notifications (e.g. Home, Office, etc…). If specified, site names will show up in the notification text.

  • Rewrote the notifications UI as a separate dialog window.   – Input is now validated for Email addresses and SMS phone numbers.   – Added test buttons and test dialogs for each notification provider.   – You can now easily enter multiple email addresses and SMS numbers.   – Twitter authorization is handled from the Twitter notification tab.   – For speech notifications you can now select the voice (Windows 8) and rate of speech.

  • Added additional notification providers and revamped existing ones. – All notification providers now have a „Test“ function. – New SMS provider for receiving notifications on your cell phone.     – SMS messages will be sent out for every discreet notification generated.     – SMS messages > 160 characters will be automatically split up into multiple messages.     – SMS receivers will get instructions on how to permanently block SMS notifications from going to their cell phone, the first time a SMS is sent to any number. (reply with STOP to block or START to unblock) – New Twitter provider for tweeting your notifications out or direct messaging them to yourself or another twitter user.     – Tweets will be sent out for every discreet notification generated.     – Tweets > 140 characters will be automatically split up into multiple tweets. – New Pushover provider for sending notifications to iOS and Android. – New Pushalot provider for sending notifications to Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Modern UI). – New Notify My Android provider for sending notifications to Android. – Updated the Speech notification provider with options to select different voices (Windows 8) and to control the rate of speech. – Updated the Email notification provider to include the disk serial number.

  • Completely rewrote the back-end of the notification system. – Notifications will now remember their last state, even when the service is shut down and restarted.     – This means that repeated notifications will not be resent on every reboot. – Notification now have the choice of reissuing a notification if another disk has an issue in the same notification category (e.g. One disk overheats and then some time later another disk overheats).     – It is up to the notification provider to decide whether to reissue the notification in this case. (Email, SMS and Twitter will reissue, the Windows tray notification will not) – Heat notifications now have an optional cool down threshold. This prevents redundant notifications from being sent when a disk’s temperature is hovering close to the overheating limit.     –  If set, when a disk enters an overheating state, it will not leave the overheating state (at least as far as notification are concerned) until the temperature drops some N degrees below the overheating limit. – It now supports a greater variety of notification providers:     – Providers that need to raise an overall alert for a problem (e.g. tray notifications).     – Providers that need to send a unique notification per issue detected (e.g. SMS or Twitter).     – Providers that need to send a unique notification per issue, while at the same time aggregating all existing problems in a category (e.g. Email).

  • Changed how we process arriving and departing disks in order to prevent a potential lockup.

  • Changed the WMI locking model slightly to prevent potential lockup.

  • Fixed the sector map getting cut off on the right in the row details presenter.