Add-In Update: WHS Health

Es gibt Neuigkeiten beim Add-In WHS Health von Nigel “Cougar” Wilks. Den Download und die Release Notes findet Ihr in diesem Artikel.

    Today we are releasing an update to one of our Add-Ins, WHS Health (v1.0.0.10).
    Following feedback we have added an icon to the home page to give an at a glance status of the server health (in the same way you see in your system tray on your desktop). We’ve also reworked the console page itself as well as updated the icon set used to give a more consistent look and feel.

    There were a couple of minor issues in the first release, so hopefully we’ve squashed those bugs but I’ve done some major reconstruction on the installer so we now pre-configure each element with a default setting without having to go to the Settings Tab.

    The main highlights for this release are:-

        * Renamed Console Errors to Console Status
        * Icon Added to Console Status Item
        * Updated Icons
        * Better handling of “non standard” web site configurations. I’d like to thank Snowdins for highlighting his neat Custom Action he worked on for P80.
        * WebSites.XML for both home and remote pages updated on install and cleaned on uninstall.
        * Changes in Settings tab now correctly applied when the OK or Apply button is clicked
        * Correct specification of secure and non-secure URLs in remote pages

    Updated Home Page now shows the Console Status Icon

    Also updated Icons for the Healthy, Critical, Warning and Backup Running Alerts.

Mehr Informationen: Download